About Carol

I've been uncluttering, organizing, and making living and work spaces more attractive and inviting since as long as I can remember. Friends, relatives, and colleagues have consistently asked me for advice and help to make their homes “look more like mine.” My parents were kind enough to pass along the organizing gene to me, and you, the client, get to benefit from that gift!

I've also spent many years doing management and organizational consulting and coaching in the corporate world. A main focus has been helping people make changes that they didn’t necessarily sign up for. Change is very hard for most people, even if it's a change you want to make. Even though change is hard, I'm able to quickly understand clients’ real needs, meet them “where they are”, and help people actually make those changes happen. I'm very good at understanding people’s underlying thought patterns and incorporate this into a tailored approach for every individual. Clients feel they are the most important priority during our work together – because they are! My purpose is to meet your needs and be helpful to you on terms that you’re comfortable with. All so that you can feel more comfortable, be happier, and free up time and space to focus on your priorities.

I'm also a Registered Nurse. This education and experience has given me an ability to comfortably and compassionately work with clients who may be grieving, having relationship difficulties, or living with ADD, ADHD, OCD, PTSD, chronic disorganization, depression, anxiety, bipolar, or hoarding tendencies. I've internalized my RN, BS, and MBA education and related experiences so that clients get the benefits whenever we work together and for every space we work to improve.

When I'm not working with clients my energy goes toward making jewelry, sewing fabric landscapes and fabric baskets, reading...about fabric, walking and thinking about...fabric. You get the picture.