Why work with Carol?

Clients have told me I'm great to work with. I've been described as kind, patient, knowing what I'm doing, and as really knowing how to encourage clients to think and act in new ways. I even have a sense of humor, so getting uncluttered and organized doesn't have to feel like drudgery - you might even enjoy it! I'm also quite honest - if you want my opinion I'll share it with you. Clients are very happy with the progress they've made with my tailored help and guidance.

I'll also teach you to think about ways to unclutter and organize so you can continue the organizing work and maintain new levels of reduced clutter and organization on your own. You'll feel so proud of yourself!

Sometimes clients are concerned that a Professional Organizer will “make them do things they don’t want to.” Not this Professional Organizer! I won’t “make you do" anything without your full cooperation and permission. I'll develop a plan of action with you and guide you gently but persistently so you can accomplish what's most important to you. Your clutter and disorganization can be a thing of the past. Imagine your life clutter-free! And organized! It can be a whole new world.