What clients are saying:

"I hired Carol when our newly combined household of me, my husband, and my mother-in-law felt overwhelmed with too much stuff and not enough places to put it in the new house! Carol was able to help us with a kind and compassionate attitude and a practical plan and system to go through our rooms and boxes and make the house spacious and livable. Carol has a unique set of skills with her history of nursing; this helped us organize and plan better for the new medical reality for my mother-in-law. We didn't particularly need a Pinterest-perfect house; we needed someone to see our space and how we needed to be able to move around and access things, and Carol extremely succeeded at that. I never once felt judged for our stacks of papers, or felt like I was being pushed into getting rid of something, she just met us where were and found solutions to make our home an actual home! You should do yourself a favor and hire Carol!"

Sarah C., Clinton, MA*

"My wonderful experience with Carol has been a journey from (barely) organized chaos to ease and “a place for everything”.  Carol is a kind, positive, humorous, creative and resourceful partner.  We worked side by side throughout my home on a wide variety of projects - cleaning out, organizing, and creating solutions that made our home a reflection of who we are as a family.  She was open to brainstorming approaches and routines that worked for our family, considering each of us, and making the most of our strengths as individuals and as a family.  She was never discouraging or negative - she sought input and adapted her style according to our goals and abilities.  Her warmth, energy, and encouragement was respectful and engaging to our kids, and she gently challenged and guided us all to be responsible for our stuff.  Our house isn’t just more organized.  It’s a place where we have the space to breathe and can take time to relax and be peaceful together."  

Stephanie M., Littleton, MA*

"I had an eviction notice.  My lawyer found Carol for me.  Carol was beside me every step of the way, encouraging me and helping me to clear my apartment, which was a disaster zone – no clear path to walk, stuff up to the dining room chandelier, and worse.  Thank God for Carol’s caring and capable help.  “We” passed inspection and staved off eviction.  Hooray!  I’m ever grateful to Carol for her many talents, humor, and compassion.  She’s making my dreams come true." 

Ann P., Westborough, MA*

"It has been my pleasure to work with such a professional organizer as Carol Ehrlich in the decluttering of a house, where a close relative with early stage dementia is now able to continue to live independently.  Within a brief period of time, Ms. Ehrlich was able to transform the house, which was evolving into a safety concern, back into a safe and welcoming home for the resident and her visitors.  In addition to Ms. Ehrlich’s organizing skills, she was able to work closely with the resident, who was actively involved in determining and agreeing to which items would be kept, donated or discarded.  This resulted in the homeowner having a positive attitude toward Ms. Ehrlich’s decluttering process and is now enjoying much more useable living area in her home.  Because Ms. Ehrlich is a Registered Nurse, she was always aware of any health issues, being able to make health suggestions to the resident and alert family members to any concerns. She was also very effective working alone with the resident, enabling her to become friends while maintaining a trusting professional relationship.  I highly recommend Carol Ehrlich to any individual or family in search of a professional organizer looking to transform a cluttered house into a safe and comfortable home."               

Tom C., Wakefield, MA*

"Working with Carol was a game-changer for my husband and me.  We hired her to help us close out our garage organization project, which had limped along for years and never quite got done.  I had hoped she would help us to tackle the elusive final stages of purging and finalizing homes for our stuff.  We got that and so much more!  I can't say enough how having a fresh perspective totally changed the outcome.  With her wealth of experience she came in and instantly mobilized us and the project. She identified storage options that we had not considered, advised us on the best uses of various spaces, recommended what to do with stuff that had us stumped, and asked a ton of questions that got us to the right answers with what to keep, how to decide, how to get rid of stuff, where to put our stuff, and even how to get our son involved.  She is masterful at creating teamwork and being supportive and encouraging while helping you through the difficulties of the process.  She was delightful to work with and so positive and supportive.  Our garage looks amazing and there is no question that we would not have arrived at the solutions we did without her help and expertise.  We are both so thrilled with our decision to work with her!"

Grace S. and Steve F., Bolton, MA*

"Until the advent of Carol, I and my husband and my older daughter were inveterate hoarders, and completely disorganized.  And then came Carol!  She has brought order and energy to our home, and she accomplishes it with warmth, kindness, and tact.  She changed the energy of our little group; some were not fully initially on board with cleaning up, but she managed to transform our attitudes.  Carol gave us the motivations and the tools to continue our efforts to organize our household and for that we are grateful.  We plan to continue to call on her as we carry out our mission to clean and organize.

Lorraine N., Acton, MA*

"When downsizing, I chose a studio apartment over a larger apartment to enjoy a quiet life in the country with a beautiful view.  But fitting everything in from my prior home - particularly in my new galley kitchen - was a challenge and it was making me unhappy.  When Carol walked in the door, she immediately did two things:  1) congratulated me for choosing such a peaceful, beautiful haven and 2) made several quick and easy suggestions on how to make the space work for me on a daily basis.  It hardly took any time, but it literally changed my life and I love coming home now.  I was hesitant to ask a professional for help, but Carol was so warm and understanding that I would call her again in an instant."

Gina B., Bolton, MA*

"Truly, I did not expect how transformative working with Carol Ehrlich would be. I hired her to help me clear out a room in my apartment that had been jam-packed with boxes for the entire six years I have lived there.  I also hoped she could provide me with some fresh ideas on how to reorganize my apartment.  I’m a lifelong clutter monger and housework avoider and I wanted to tidy up my entire home.  I knew I needed help staying on task if I hoped to get to the end of this project.

I got the help I wanted and more.  She remarked that I looked lighter with every box and bag of stuff we removed from the house.  The implied comparison with shedding pounds is apt: I’ve rid myself of clutter that weighed me down and impeded movement.  I’ve made room for myself, for what I want and need to do.  I have fresh energy and inspiration for the things I care about the most.

Carol has a compassionate approach to the problems of clutter and disorganization.  Because I’m opening up areas of my life that have been stowed away in hard-to-find places, in some cases for decades, her kind and consistent encouragement has been critical to the success of this project.  I could go on and on about what a pleasure it is to work with her, but suffice it to say Carol Ehrlich and her organizing services have my highest endorsement." 

Anne H., Newton, MA*

"I’ve been disabled for many years with chronic depression, and after the death of my husband in my grief and anxiety my hoarding behavior increased drastically.  When it was to the point that I couldn’t walk around my house safely, friends recommended Carol. Carol is a warm, friendly, gentle person whose vast knowledge in the areas of hoarding and organization enable me to think calmly and coherently about how to address my hoarding behaviors.  Since I provide Carol access to all my personal records and information, it’s also important to note that she considers confidentiality as a sacred trust between herself and her client. I’ve worked with other organizers previously, but none of them had the right combination of organizational and clinical skills, teaching ability, and personal attributes that make Carol Ehrlich the ideal professional organizer.  Carol has been and continues to be immensely helpful to me.  I cannot praise her enough for her outstanding work."  

Cathy I., Allston, MA*

“Having these newly uncluttered, reorganized, and repurposed rooms has been awesome. My daughter loves her big girl room and always shows it off when someone comes over.  And I love having an office/craft area where I can be alone and get work done. We've gotten rid of a lot of things, and I think during our upcoming moving process we'll get rid of even more. Having you come was such a huge help for us. Not only has it made the time we’re still living here better, but if we still had that mess to deal with while moving it would not have been easy and would have taken so much time.  Thank you for everything. I'm sure you already know this but that mess was not just a physical pile of junk; there's a lot of emotional stress that comes with it that has been lifted off our shoulders and given us the chance to enjoy being together in our home.”                              

Laura C., Worcester, MA*

"Working with Carol was great!  I had been putting off cleaning my basement and knew that calling Carol was the best way to get started.  Carol was super!  Carol has a "no pressure" way about her, yet can gently provide a thoughtful question when you are wondering whether to get rid of an item, donate it, or keep it.  Her technique to help set up a process, help decide where to start, define goals, and keep you focused worked perfectly.  In only 5 hours I was able to process almost 20 years worth of items, an incredible amount of boxes of "stuff" that I had "been meaning to get to" - incredible!  Carol helped me move quickly yet thoughtfully through the items and boxes I had collected.  In addition, I had the pleasure of meeting Carol at her house earlier and I can attest that this woman LIVES what she teaches! Her house is a wonderful advertisement for her skills!  Organized without being over the top.  I recommend Carol for any organizational challenge you may have, big or small - the key is to just call Carol - she will help you get started, help you over any challenges and well - I just think she is the best!  I am looking forward to working with Carol again." 

Linda T., Nashua, NH*

"Carol was really wonderful at addressing all of my organizational needs.  After doing an overview of my house we focused on my home office space.  She was patient and had great suggestions as we sorted through literally everything here and assessed priorities and space so I could function most efficiently.  Carol also worked directly with my teenage son (!) to help him sort through all of his piles of papers and belongings to help him decide what he really needed/wanted to hold on to and what he didn’t.  She then helped him reconfigure his room for a better setup.  This was all something I hadn’t had much luck with working with him on since the way I’d approach it is different from the way he would.  Carol was super and was especially effective at meeting us on our own terms and keeping the process positive and productive.  I highly recommend her." 

 Ann G., Bolton, MA*

"After my divorce, I moved to a new home with my special needs twins and shortly after suffered a fall and a debilitating back injury which left me unable to do many of the things that I could normally do.  Soon after, my mother fell ill, taking my attention away from my home, focusing on my sons and her care.  She passed away and many of her belongings were moved to my home making it seem impossible to know where to start to sort through everything.  Carol worked side by side with me, helped me deal with the emotions of the things I was sorting through, and gently guided me to a clean and organized basement!  Starting there with the biggest mess now makes it easier to deal with the smaller areas in my home.  I highly recommend Carol; she made a daunting job easy.  She was very calming, reassuring and supportive.  I am looking forward to our next round of clearing out together."

      Nanci D., Franklin, MA*

"After living in my beloved home for over 35 years, the time had come to downsize. Fortunately I was able to find Carol Ehrlich. During several sessions we were able to work side by side and remove all the unnecessary items that had been hiding in many corners!  Carol was thorough and delightful to work with and the outcome was as hoped for. A  young family will continue the care and love of my home.  Many thanks Carol and my highest recommendation for you and the services you provide."

      Maryanne C., Hopkinton, MA*

"Carol has my number one approval for helping get uncluttered and organized!"

      Melinda S., Bolton, MA* (now Acton, MA)

"My business requires easy access to a large volume of varied materials.  I was frustrated by all the time I wasted always trying to find what I needed.  Through five minutes of gentle questioning, Carol led me to a solution I didn't know I needed!  The action plan took a short time to put in effect, and now I am delighted by the organization AND the huge weekly time savings that resulted from being able to find what I need when I need it.  THANK YOU Carol!"

Sherry C., Bedford, NH*

"Carol's convictions are reflected in how she lives her life.  She doesn't just DO organization and planning she IS organization and planning.  She has helped me organize my home as we prepared it for sale; certain aspects of my business; and personal projects in my life.  She is the first person I go to when I need organizing."

Corinne F., Sterling, MA* (now Bluffton, SC)

"I have called on Carol Ehrlich's help with clearing unneeded things from my house and found it very valuable.  In addition to helping me make decisions on what to keep, give away and throw away, her knowledge of how to dispose of many different kinds of things has made the process much easier (and more pleasant) than it would have been otherwise.  I heartily recommend her services."

Alice C., Bolton, MA*

"Thanks, Carol!  You make me, my business, my clients and my listings look AWESOME!"

Ursula F., Realtor, Littleton, MA*

"Thank you so much for preparing my client's house for sale.  In the end it saved them nearly $80,000 that they would have otherwise lost had it been foreclosed."

Randy B., Real Estate Lawyer, Concord, MA*

"Some professionals know just what to do, when to do it and how to do it in a very kind and caring way. Carol Ehrlich was that very   person when she was hired to work on our national television show, "Hoarders." She was tremendously helpful to our client. Carol started working immediately on the most challenging aspects of our client's needs, worked tirelessly to make sure the client and her immediate family were treated respectfully, and kept a perfect balance between client needs, client goals, and available resources to get the work done. Her exceptional listening skills, empathy, and compassion resulted in the right action at the right time, every time. Carol exhibited extreme grace under pressure, was an absolute delight to work with and was an incredible asset to our team. I highly recommend Carol to other individuals who suffer with hoarding tendencies as well as clients with any other organizing needs and concerns."

Dorothy Breininger, Lead Expert Organizer A&E Hoarders Show

"Thank you so much for your help with my daughter's stuff.   When we started out I didn't know what to expect.   I was hopeful but realized that this was a touchy subject for my daughter who has great difficulty throwing things out.   I knew this was working when early on she threw out 5 bags!   She has also been able to keep the areas that you worked on neat.  You are such a find - I hope others struggling to get out from under clutter, discover you.   You have patience, a sense of humor and most of all sensitivity.   You have the overall view - how to not only reduce clutter relatively efficiently but set up systems to maintain the order you have created. I will definitely refer clients to you that create a goal of organizing their belongings.  You are exceptional!"

Karen L., Needham, MA*

"Working with Carol has both been a pleasant and invaluable experience.  She made it possible to keep our sanity while clearing out a rental property and relocating both my business and our family, with 2 working parents, from Massachusetts to North Carolina.  Carol brings both organizational and project management skills to her projects and also has a great ability to provide insights or new ideas on ways to get the seemingly impossible, accomplished."

Dan K., Hudson, MA* (now Huntersville, NC)

"I wholeheartedly recommend Carol Ehrlich to anyone struggling with organization.  Carol is sensitive, trustworthy, respectful, and thorough.  She has been pivotal in helping me pull through one of the lowest points in my life following a difficult divorce and job change.  I've struggled all my life with major mental illnesses including bipolar and complex PTSD.  Carol helped with everything from the practical (xeroxing papers for court when I was too overwhelmed to do so) to the emotional, supporting me each step of the way as I transitioned from despair and what seemed like a chaos of disorganization to the point where I am now functioning happily on my own - as if Carol were still here by my side.  I really can't say enough about how helpful she has been to me.  Carol's training and experiences as a nurse and businesswoman contributed to her ability to be helpful as did her fortitude, grace, humor, optimism, and caring which are gifts that she shares.  These traits make working with her possible when the going is roughest, enjoyable as matters improve, and an inspiration as one gains strength and begins to internalize the lessons she teaches.  She's an angel."

Linda S., Acton, MA

"Carol is an amazing organizer and I recommend her unreservedly no matter what size problem you have. She listened to my needs rather than try to impose how she thought I should live.  She immediately came up with several suggestions for making my awkward kitchen more workable without spending even a cent for retooling.  For example, the pots, pans and lids spilled out of one cabinet every time I tried to grab something.  Finding the right sized cookware with the right lid caused aggravation every time I prepared a meal.  Carol helped figure out a way to put the right tool within easy reach for my specific needs.  It may seem like such a simple thing, but it so improved my life not to have that daily irritation.  I wish I’d called Carol years ago."

Hollie J., Oneonta, NY*

"I hired Carol to oversee the moving of my things from Somerville, where I had lived for years, to my new home in Albuquerque, NM.  I could not be there for the process so I had to trust Carol to handle everything and she did an amazing job.  She coordinated with the movers on schedules, watched over my property while it was being loaded, and made sure that my house in Somerville was safe throughout the process.  She also dealt with some intense personality issues with the movers themselves, which would have derailed the project if not for her interpersonal skills.  My items arrived in Albuquerque in perfect condition.  I highly recommend Carol for an organizing project."

Jane M., Somerville, MA* (Now Albuquerque, NM)

"Carol, I'm so lucky I got to meet you. Your smile, practicality with compassion, calm patience, gentle perseverance, creativity, flexibility, intelligence, and interesting thoughts and personality helped me accomplish what I wanted to with your help. You enriched our work and left with me much that still enriches my life.  Many things from our work sessions have stayed with me and I draw on some of them for strength and comfort when working on things by myself.  Thank you so much."

Leslie B., Wakefield, MA*

"Carol is amazing.  She is very professional and her understanding of the process (of clearing and sorting clutter) and adapting to each individual is a huge advantage to working with her.  She lets you make all decisions and can give you tips and advice on how to manage your project.  She has a lot of energy and tackled the parts that I couldn't handle on my own.  I worked with her to completely declutter our home and it sold in 2 1/2 weeks after putting it on the market for sale.  Carol has a clinical background as well which I think adds to her understanding and abilities for home organizing and staging."  

LM, Southborough, MA

"Carol arrived at my home with an enthusiastic, reassuring smile which set the tone for the rest of day. She was forthright but understanding and patient. I would never have thought we would get so much done, nor would I ever have gotten so much figured out and organized, from my car to my bathroom closet, without her. The result was an enormous relief and so widespread it made the rest of my life so less overwhelming as well."

Jen F., Manchester, NH

"I hired Carol to help my daughter tackle her bedroom which was so cluttered it was almost unusable.  Carol had a special way of gaining my daughter's cooperation that enabled the work to get done with more positive energy and productive outcome than I ever could have imagined or hoped for.  The transformation has been unbelievable and she’s been doing so well keeping it up.  She needs reminders, naturally, and the occasional “inspection” to keep her on track and redirect her, but I’m so happy with how she’s doing.  I so appreciate Carol's help in setting her on the road to a more orderly room.  What an amazing transformation!  Our household is much more peaceful than it used to be!"

Wendy W., Littleton, MA

"Carol has exceptional organizational skills and the ability to quickly analyze and assess a situation and develop effective and efficient solutions.  She is client focused, making sure she understands what you want and need and then quickly develops plans to meet those needs.  She is very easy to work with, flexible and builds trusting work relationships with clients.  She is tireless in ‘getting the job done’ and often makes work that might seem burdensome to others easier to accomplish and often even fun!  She has a keen ability to prioritize and determine the most efficient and cost effective way to accomplish goals.  Carol is very reliable and great at helping people unclutter and organize. She often figures simple solutions that require little if any additional expense for materials.  She has the ability to look at the big picture and then dissect it into manageable parts to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.  I strongly recommend Carol to get the job done!"

Deborah K., New Britain, CT*

"Have you too much stuff and no place to put it?  Having trouble deciding what to keep, give away, or throw away?  Just can't get started?  Call Carol Ehrlich, a superb organizer.  She will come with great skills to work with you in making commonsense decisions, making your home more neat and livable!  I'm a grateful client."

Barbara K., Berlin, MA*

* These clients are willing to provide their recommendations to you directly should that be helpful to you.  I can provide their contact information on request.