Whether your concerns are large or small, I'll work with you to understand your objectives and needs for each space we'll improve. You set the priorities. I'll figure out how to get you where you want to be. Let me do the worrying for you.

Professional Organizing - uncluttering and organizing your closets, office, paperwork, kitchen, bathrooms, garage, basement, or the whole house; your business

    • Sorting items and choosing the ones you'll keep

    • Determining where unneeded items will go: friends, family, donate, sell, give away, recycle, trash

    • Minimizing clutter to reclaim long lost space

    • Making best use of newly available space to improve your surroundings and make you happier

When you have your newly organized space the way you want it, I'll work with you to:

    • Determine ways for you to reduce clutter and organize on your own in the future

    • Figure out ways to keep the newly uncluttered and organized space in tip top shape

Moving, downsizing, transitioning to assisted living or a nursing home:

  • Uncluttering and organizing to make your move easier, less expensive, and more pleasant

  • Determining what items will and won’t be moved to another home, assisted living, or nursing home

  • Assisting with packing, arranging for movers, unpacking and getting settled in your new home

Closing an estate:

  • Helping families deal with the belongings and house of a friend or relative who has passed away

  • Helping families when relatives may live out of state or in different states

  • Working with families and friends to collect and organize paperwork required for closing an estate

  • Helping you work with realtors, lawyers, and accountants to facilitate preparations for estate closing

  • Arranging for the transfer of belongings as determined by the family

Home Staging - preparing your home for sale: give yourself and your home your best shot by having your home professionally staged. Buyers often have trouble seeing past the current owners’ treasures to be able to imagine living in your home. When your home is professionally staged it will really shine and show off the possibilities to potential buyers who will purchase your home.

  • Uncluttering and organizing so buyers can see the beauty of your home as opposed to your stuff

  • Arranging every room in the home and the outside of your house so that buyers will see it at its most attractive and welcoming

Improve the productivity of your business:

  • Uncluttering and organizing to improve productivity

  • Reviewing and streamlining business processes to improve the bottom line

  • Determining ways to reinforce and maintain the improved space and processes to gain and maintain a competitive edge